up a tree


The government says Stewart is a senior citizen but no one from the Social Security Administration has watched him climb a tree.

This tall spruce was 100% dead and leaning toward the cabin. It’s always sad to lose a big tree like this one but I take heart from all the young ones coming up in the clearing nearby. (You can see some in the foreground of the photo above.)

The goal was to drop the dead tree without hitting—in order of priority—either one of us, the cabin, the stand of healthy spruce at the bottom of the clearing, the picnic table.

Here’s a time-lapse video to show how that went . . .

Beautiful trees and picnic table intact . . .


Plus firewood for summers to come . . .


The end.

8 thoughts on “up a tree

  1. WOW!! That is truly impressive. Clearly a man who knows exactly what he’s doing. Which of course doesn’t surprise me at all, but seeing it in action is still amazing. (Yes, I’m still in Europe—in Nice, now, “recuperating” from the painting workshop. ;-) Home 9/6. Hope the rib is healing up!) XO

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    1. He definitely put in some good thought before he brought out the saw, but I know he still felt lucky it landed where it did. Hope you’re feeling recuperated and enjoying your trip!


    1. Thank you, Laura! It does look like an old-time movie, doesn’t it? I could make it black and white, but then we’d lose all that nice green. :-)


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