We arrived at Yakutat around 6:30 Wednesday morning. Docking the Kennicott was a feat of great precision. It seemed like all of us who were awake were out on the deck, leaning over the starboard railing, wondering how they were going to pull it off. First, a small skiff left the dock and waited for … More yakutat

notes from the boat

We’ve left the Inside Passage and the ferry is now threading its way across the southern coast of Alaska, heading west to Yakutat and Whittier. I may be able to post this from Yakutat, though there are rumors that it’s a small village without cell reception or wireless. [Update: The rumors were right. No cell … More notes from the boat

what was I saying?

I know I’m sleep deprived because I can’t hold a thought for as long as it takes to turn my head from left to right. When I move around, I am double and triple checking to make sure I have all my parts. (So far the only loss has been my favorite yellow Kleen Kanteen, which I left on … More what was I saying?