brakes on a train

We are stuck. Apparently there’s some communication problem involving Nebraska and a malfunctioning signal, which doesn’t make much sense to me considering we’re sitting here south of Eugene, Oregon. But they have to “go out there” and adjust something by hand, and we have to wait here while they do it. It’s been about an hour so … More brakes on a train

where is the cabin?

The other night I asked Stewart, “What can I tell people about where the cabin is?” “Say it’s not far from the northern boundary of Denali National Park.” “Can I post that map with the big black arrow on it?” (Because of course that makes it clear.) “Sure.” “And why don’t you want to tell people more specifically … More where is the cabin?

a reading list

I’ve considered myself a reader for so long that it’s hard to admit how I’ve slipped. Now, instead of perusing (in the original sense) and reflecting, I look for bullet points and scan for conclusions. And while I could blame my inattentiveness on the Internet and related devices, I can also point to the place on my first … More a reading list