There’s very little time to write or reflect while we’re in Fairbanks, what with provisioning and visiting and chasing typewriters and all. These past few days have been full in all the ways they needed to be. Now the energy is shifting. We’re heading to the cabin this morning, where there will be more time … More fairbnb


A woman and a typewriter walk into a bar . . . I was in the middle of writing a post about handling emergencies at the cabin when I got distracted by a typewriter. At home, I’ve established a nightly habit of typing a single page on a manual typewriter. It’s a physical act as … More royal

what color is your aura?

Sometime in the 1970s, Stewart met with a famous psychic who told him he had an orange aura. Supposedly, one of the chief features of orange-aura-people is procrastination. The psychic said Stewart would always put things off until the last possible moment, but then he’d do a great job. Based on that characteristic alone, I could tell you that my aura … More what color is your aura?