color, movement, light

I’m sitting in the Seattle airport watching a circus of baggage wagons, maintenance vehicles, and security personnel trying to corral a big black dog that’s running loose on the tarmac. The dog is dodging these golf cart cowboys at a full gallop, and folks are shooting video out the window. This could hardly be further from the quiet place … More color, movement, light


We’re delaying our trip to the cabin for a day because thunderstorms have appeared in tomorrow’s forecast. Thunderstorms and helicopters don’t mix. Also, there would be the matter of lugging 1200 pounds of stuff up to the cabin in a rainstorm. We decided to wait it out here in the comfort of Fairbanks and try again on Thursday. I also … More yielding

the last leg

I thought about calling this post “without a leg,” because I’ve been feeling that way — nothing solid to stand on — since I got off the ferry three days ago. Friday night was particularly bad. The ground seemed to rise up and drop away with every step, and I had to hold on to … More the last leg


We arrived at Yakutat around 6:30 Wednesday morning. Docking the Kennicott was a feat of great precision. It seemed like all of us who were awake were out on the deck, leaning over the starboard railing, wondering how they were going to pull it off. First, a small skiff left the dock and waited for … More yakutat