carrying on

“You’re going all over the place,” said the Alaska Airlines ticket agent when I hauled my bag onto the airport scale this morning. I’d printed and attached my bag tag at home; it said SFO → PDX→ ANC→ FAI. I agreed with her. That’s plenty of “all over the place” for one day. Besides figuring … More carrying on

yvr : pdx : sfo

Friday at sunrise, I found myself on a prop plane headed from Vancouver Island back to the mainland, where I caught a flight south. It was eerie that day, the ribbon of Highway 5 unspooling so quickly underneath me, like a time-lapse film in reverse. … More yvr : pdx : sfo


A miner named Daniel A. Jenks made this drawing of Yreka, California in 1860. That was right around the time my great-great-great-grandparents arrived in town. … More yreka