owlish in seattle

Owlish Seattle 1

A new phase of this trip began today when I left my car on Vashon Island. It’s now tucked away on my aunt’s property where it will stay for a month while I continue traveling north. I was slightly tempted to keep the car, to drive to Vancouver Island and then back here to Seattle for my flight to Fairbanks next week — but only slightly. Getting out of the car requires that I engage my surroundings in a more immediate way; what I lose in convenience I more than gain in experience.

For better or worse, Owlish agrees. (Sometimes I’m not sure how much experience Owlish wants to have. He’s very shy.) So many friends mentioned Owlish after yesterday’s post that I thought I’d simply show you some of the things we got up to in The Emerald City today.

We put our bags in storage at our hostel, which is in Chinatown and just one block away from the train station. (That’s the train station clocktower in the background.)

Owlish Chinatown

We got some coffee. (You can get a good sense of the size of Owlish by comparing him to a Seattle latte.)

Owlish Coffee

We took the ferry across the water to Vashon. Owlish wasn’t too sure about this part.

Owlish Ferry

On Vashon, we had an excellent “Nature Bowl” at Pure Organic Cafe & Juicery before visiting with family and putting the car to bed. (I visited while Owlish rested in my pocket.)

Owlish Lunch

Back in Seattle, we went to Elliott Bay Books — bookstores are prime Owlish habitat — and enjoyed dinner at the nearby, super hip Oddfellows Cafe & Bar. (I’m thinking this post more than qualifies us as odd.)

Owlish Bookstore

Now we’re back at the hostel, bushed and ready to rest but looking forward to our 7:45 a.m. train ride to Vancouver, B.C.

P.S. Stewart called on the satellite phone again tonight and we talked for about five minutes. He said everything’s working well at the cabin. (In particular, it’s always a great relief when the water system works. I think the next cabin post will be about the water situation.) He’s seen birds but no mammals so far. He heard a squirrel.

9 thoughts on “owlish in seattle

  1. Water…what a wonderful metaphor to hold your journey: fluid, reflective, tending toward stillness. Does owlish like to swim? I rather doubt it looking at those eyes! But clearly he doesn’t miss a thing. Thank you owlish for being willing to show yourself to us curious and eager voyeurs of Shae’s travels.



    1. Yes, you can tell he’s not a swimmer. I think he would much rather be tucked up in a tree, observing from a safe distance. He’s being very brave! Thank you for traveling along with us, Laura.


  2. Owlish is most adorable: I totally get it! You inspire me with your sense of adventure and exploring, finding great places to eat! You must feel a sense of relief knowing all’s well at the cabin……❌⭕️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are one funny gal! I needed a big laugh today …:) I am glad Owlish is keeping you company . I love hearing about all your adventures…such vivid and rich descriptions.!
    Have a wonderful workshop. Just painted with Annie today ..she was great!


    1. Glad you got to paint with Annie! She’s wonderful. And I’m gladder than I even expected to have Owlish along on this trip. He’s such a helpful little guy. XO


  4. I thoroughly enjoy these blogs each year. Love your writing. Your sense of adventure, and do-it-ness. Love the perspective from Owlish. Actually made me wonder about a companion of such for myself, then thought, nah. I’ll just enjoy Owlish. Thanks for the chuckle….and inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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