yvr : pdx : sfo

Friday at sunrise, I found myself on a prop plane headed from Vancouver Island back to the mainland, where I caught a flight south. It was eerie that day, the ribbon of Highway 5 unspooling so quickly underneath me, like a time-lapse film in reverse. … More yvr : pdx : sfo


A miner named Daniel A. Jenks made this drawing of Yreka, California in 1860. That was right around the time my great-great-great-grandparents arrived in town. … More yreka

what color is your aura?

Sometime in the 1970s, Stewart met with a famous psychic who told him he had an orange aura. Supposedly, one of the chief features of orange-aura-people is procrastination. The psychic said Stewart would always put things off until the last possible moment, but then he’d do a great job. Based on that characteristic alone, I could tell you that my aura … More what color is your aura?

summer is coming

The hills here at home are turning gold and every day someone asks when we’re going to Alaska. Unlike last year’s big adventure, I won’t head north until summer’s almost over, at the tail-end of August. Stewart will go earlier, but I have two reasons for waiting. … More summer is coming